Waller's Coronial Law and Practice in New South Wales, 4th Edition

The authoritative text on Coronial Law and Practice in New South Wales.

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409332469
Release Date: February 28, 2010
AUD$ 196.00

Product description

The authoritative text on Coronial Law and Practice in New South Wales

This edition of Waller's standard text on coronial law and practice in New South Wales has been substantially re-written to incorporate the commencement of a new Coroners Act. Adopting the structure of the original editions, it combines in-depth general analysis of the history, law, principles and practice in the coronial jurisdiction, with rigorous and comprehensive commentary on the provisions of the new Act.

The authors, combing vast experience of both a professional and academic nature in coronial matters, have produced a book unique in the field. It is an essential resource for the judiciary and practitioners.


  • Authoritative - written by experienced authors with extensive knowledge of coronial law and practice
  • Current - extensively re-written to incorporate the latest developments in statutory and judge-made law
  • Practical - written for working coroners and practitioners in the field

Table of contents


  • Origin and History

  • The Nature of the Coronial Jurisdiction

  • Functions of the Coronial Jurisdiction

  • Treasure Trove Jurisdiction

  • Coronial Procedure

  • The Role of Counsel Assisting

  • The Role of Investigators

  • Representatives of Interested Persons

  • Procedural Fairness/Natural Justice

  • Appellate Review of Coronial Decisions

  • Duties and Immunities of the Coroner

  • Disputes Regarding Bodies

The Coroners Act 2009 and Commentary including Regulations