Waller & Williams Criminal Law Text and Cases, 13th edition (eBook)

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Principal authoritative source of criminal law for New South Wales and Victoria.

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Product description

This new edition of the classic Waller & Williams Criminal Law text retains its relevance in legal and policy debates in criminal justice, providing a critical analysis of legal developments while remaining accessible for students in law schools.

The 13th edition includes new leading cases from the principal appellate courts in New South Wales, Victoria and the High Court of Australia, as well as the latest legislative provisions that have significantly changed the fabric of the criminal law.

This book unites the principal authoritative sources of the criminal law and a critical appraisal and evaluation of its doctrines. It offers comparative and policy insights into legal developments of the two common law jurisdictions of Victoria and New South Wales.


  • Clear structure for each offence
  • Contextual notes on the development of the law and its application
  • Critical policy appraisal of legal developments
  • Extracts of key cases supplemented with explanations and illustrations

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Table of contents

Chapter 1: General Principles

Chapter 2: Legal Framework

Chapter 3: Assault & Related Offences

Chapter 4: Sexual Offences

Chapter 5: Murder

Chapter 6: Voluntary Manslaughter

Chapter 7: Involuntary Manslaughter

Chapter 8: Property Offences – NSW

Chapter 9: Property Offences – Victoria

Chapter 10: Drug Offences

Chapter 11: Attempts

Chapter 12: Participation in Crime/Complicity

Chapter 13: Strict Liability & Mistake

Chapter 14: Self-defence, Necessity, Duress, Superior Orders & Coercion

Chapter 15: Mental Impairment and Related Defences

Chapter 16: Intoxication