Understanding Construction Law, 2nd edition

Understanding Construction Law, 2nd edition in a concise overview of the Australian construction law system.

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409350715
Release Date: November 05, 2019
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Release Date: November 05, 2019
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Product description

Understanding Construction Law is designed to provide construction professionals — such as architects, building surveyors, construction managers, construction contract administrators, engineers, and quantity surveyors — with a good working knowledge of the law necessary to operate effectively within the construction industry. Covering all Australian jurisdictions, it explains and illustrates how legal principles under both common law and statute are applied in construction-related transactions and disputes. It also offers valuable information on the construction industry and practice. The author team combines in-depth experience in the construction industry, legal practice and academia to present an authoritative but accessible text for readers with no assumed knowledge of law. The second edition includes recent developments such as:

  • amendments to the building and construction industry security of payment legislation
  • strata building bond and inspections scheme for high-rise residential buildings in NSW
  • legal liabilities of construction professionals with respect to damages caused by highly combustible aluminium composite panels
  • unfair contract terms and standard form contracts
  • termination for convenience clauses

The clear explanations make it an essential text for both undergraduate and postgraduate students undertaking construction-related degree programs.


  • Covers all Australian jurisdictions
  • Includes information on construction industry and practice
  • No assumed knowledge of law
  • Strong pedagogy to assist learning

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Table of contents

Ch 1. Introduction to Australian Law

Ch 2. The Nature of the Construction Industry and its Regulatory Framework

Ch 3. Contract Law

Ch 4. Law of Tort

Ch 5. Establishing a Contract and Standard Forms

Ch 6. Contract Administration

Ch 7. Claims and Disputes