Transacting with trusts and trustees

A practical guide to dealing with commercial trusts and their trustees

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409351576
Release Date: July 01, 2020
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Release Date: July 01, 2020
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As economic entities, commercial trusts are just as transactionally active as companies. Despite their similarities, however, it is not always appreciated just how different they are from companies, and how little protection the law offers to those who transact with them. Transacting parties are vulnerable to a range of risks when dealing with a trust and trustee. Unlike other textbooks and casebooks on trusts, Transacting with Trusts and Trustees deals with these practical issues in an applied way.


  • Discusses current practice for legal opinions in the Australian market and offers suggestions for the wording of opinions, assumptions and qualifications involving trustees and trusts, with explanations for each
  • Includes detailed checklists

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Table of contents

Ch 1 The trust as a transacting entity

Ch 2 What concerns trustees when they transact

Ch 3 Trustee limitation of liability clauses

Ch 4 Directors of trustees: duties and liabilities

Ch 5 Risks when transacting with trustees

Ch 6 Pre-transaction due diligence

Ch 7 Contractual protections

Ch 8 Legal opinions

Ch 9 Post-transaction events

Ch 10 Trusts and insolvency

Appendix 1 — Trustee Limitation of Liability Clause

Appendix 2 — Trust Checklist

Appendix 3 — Contractual Protections

Appendix 4 — Legal Opinions