Torts: Principles, Skills & Application

Torts: Principles, Skills & Application is a practical introduction to tort law principles and practice

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409348514
Release Date: March 01, 2019
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Release Date: March 01, 2019
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Product description

Torts: Principles, Skills & Application introduces students to the legal concepts, key cases and contemporary issues surrounding the law of intentional and negligent torts and offers a practical guide to how tort principles are applied in legal practice. Discussion includes coverage of the statutory framework of the civil liability Acts and other relevant legislation in each Australian jurisdiction, reflecting the growing centrality of statute, and statutory interpretation, in the suite of legal skills relevant to law studies and legal practice.

Student-friendly features such as accessibly-written explanations, clear learning objectives, the inclusion of tables and diagrams scaffolding information, case summaries, and example answers to legal problems support effective learning. Chapters on tort law in practice and class actions provide context to the understanding of tort law principles. A specific and focused chapter on torts research assists in the development of foundational skills.


  • Real world, student-friendly discussion provides context for the study of tort law
  • Relevant and current content aligns with current teaching in tort law
  • Strong pedagogic structure supports learning
  • Hands-on, practical approach underpins development of essential legal skills

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Table of contents

  1. Tort Law in Australia: An Overview

  2. The Statutory Framework of Tort Law

  3. Negligence

  4. Duty of Care

  5. Breach of the Duty of Care

  6. Vicarious Liability & Non-Delegable Duties

  7. Defences to Negligence Claims

  8. Causation

  9. Damages

  10. Medical negligence

  11. Pure Economic Loss

  12. Legal Professional Negligence

  13. Trespass to Land

  14. Trespass to the Person

  15. Nuisance

  16. Breach of statutory duty

  17. Defamation

  18. Intentional Torts Relating to Goods

  19. Occupier’s Liability

  20. Class Actions

  21. Tort Law in Practice

  22. Research in Torts