Torts Cases and Commentary Supplement: Defamation and Wrongful Interference with Goods, 2nd edition (eBook)

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Torts Cases and Commentary Supplement: Defamation and Wrongful Interference with Goods is a clear, accessible explanation of key concepts in the uniform defamation law and the torts relating to wrongful interference with goods

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Product description

Torts Cases and Commentary Supplement: Defamation and Wrongful Interference with Goods covers the additional torts of defamation, trespass to goods, detinue and conversion. Each chapter follows the style of the principal text to deliver a critical and analytical approach to the law relating to these torts, presented through extensive commentary and selected materials from case decisions, legislation and academic writings. Detailed notes assist students and practitioners to understand the significance of the key cases while questions stimulate critical thinking and learning. Discussion of and excerpts from important cases and statutes are provided, while current and emerging issues in tort law reform are discussed. Many additional references to the academic literature are also supplied.

The work can be used in combination with the principal text or as a standalone resource. This supplement will be essential reading for students in both core and advanced torts units, while practitioners will find it an authoritative resource. This second edition includes discussion of the liability of search engine providers for defamation by search results, especially the key High Court decision in Trkulja v Google LLC (2018) 356 ALR 178; notes on recent defamation cases involving high profile actors; development in defamation based on social media; and recent decisions concerning property in human body parts and reproductive tissues.


  • Complements Torts: Cases & Commentary to provide full coverage of topics in Torts course work
  • Covers key cases and legislation and emerging issues in these areas of tort law
  • Enables in-depth understanding of the subject area
  • Offers a critical and analytical approach to these topics

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