The Federal Judicature: Chapter III of the Constitution, 2nd edition

The Federal Judicature: Chapter III of the Constitution, 2nd Edition

is an accessible examination and analysis of the federal judicial system under Ch III of the Constitution

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409350500
Release Date: April 20, 2020
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Release Date: April 20, 2020
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Chapter III of the Constitution is at the centre of the constitutional structures of government in Australia. Its provisions create the Federal judicature and define the way in which it operates. Its interpretation has had a pivotal role in the design and operation of all institutions of government at the Federal, State and Territory levels. This book considers this important part of the Constitution.

The second edition has been fully revised to include developments since 2010 such as:

  • the extensive development of the Kable principles
  • the developments on how State laws apply in federal jurisdiction
  • the exercise of federal jurisdiction by State and Territory tribunals
  • many other important cases across established Ch III principles


  • Authoritative analysis and discussion
  • Accessible explanations of complex area of law
  • Develops deep understanding of the role of the federal jurisdiction in Australia

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Table of contents

Ch 1 Introduction

Ch 2 The Crown and the Federal Judicature

Ch 3 The Federal Judicature as the Third Great Arm of State

Ch 4 Defining Judicial Power

Ch 5 Exclusive Exercise of Judicial Power and Exceptions

Ch 6 Due Process and Equality Before the Law

Ch 7 Original Jurisdiction

Ch 8 Federal Courts

Ch 9 State and Territory Courts Exercising Federal Jurisdiction

Ch 10 The Law Applicable in Federal Jurisdiction

Ch 11 High Court’s Appellate Jurisdiction

Ch 12 Section 80 Jury Trials