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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409344677
Release Date: October 01, 2016
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Release Date: October 01, 2016
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South Australian Criminal Law and Procedure is the first critical work on the criminal law and process of South Australia. The first edition of this text concentrated on the substantive criminal law. This second edition includes four chapters on the principles and laws of criminal process. Seventeen chapters review and critically evaluate the theory and doctrines of criminal law in South Australia, including criminal law philosophy, legislative interpretation, major categories of common law and statutory offences and defences, policing and trial process and post-conviction appellate procedures. The text includes review and analysis, case studies and exercises and critical assessment of the formulation, development, rationale and status of South Australian criminal law and procedure.


  • Tailored for the courses taught at the three South Australian universities
  • Pedagogical features include: objectives, key reading lists, cases & legislation
  • Advanced pedagogy: Critical analysis and writings

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Table of contents

  1. Criminal Responsibility

  2. The Elements of Criminal Offending and Liability

  3. Driving Offences

  4. Offences of Dishonesty

  5. Unlawful Homicide

  6. Non Fatal Offences Against the Person

  7. Sexual Offences

  8. Attempts

  9. Liability of Accessories and Joint Principals

  10. Self Defence

  11. Duress and Necessity

  12. Intoxication

  13. Mental Impairment

  14. Introduction to Criminal Procedure

  15. The Role of Police

  16. The Role of the Courts

  17. Post-Conviction Review – The Institution of Mercy