Social Media and the Law, 2nd edition (eBook)

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Social Media and the Law is a definitive reference guide for lawyers addressing the multitude of legal issues that arise as a result of social media use.

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Product description

Now in its second edition, Social Media and the Law examines how the rapid rise of social media use in Australia continues to pose unique challenges to established legal conventions across a number of different sectors of law.

Through the prism of sectors ranging from employment, copyright and defamation to the ACCC, privacy and the criminal justice system, this book examines the issues arising from the interactions between social media and the law and offers guidance to practitioners and students alike.

New to this second edition is a chapter on dealing with social media assets and accounts in an individual’s estate plan and the questions that should be considered.

Praise for the first edition:

‘ This is a comprehensive book that covers various legal issues arising from the use of social media, with a particular focus on Australian law…This well written book will be pertinent to many practitioners as the popularity, growth and use of social media impacts on the law.’

First published in the Law Institute Journal of Victoria –Vol 89.3 March 2015

'Social Media and the Law is a well written, easy to follow summary of the present issues relating to social media and various areas of the law. Its concise chapters are full of relevant and useful information for today’s technology driven world.’

"First published in Queensland Lawyer Vol 35 Part 1 May 2015. Reproduced with the kind permission of Thomson Reuters.”

Important Features

  • Concise
  • Written by experts
  • Practice tips and strategies

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Table of contents

  1. Overview of Social Media and the Law including Recent Developments

  2. Social Media and Employment Law

  3. Social Media and the ACCC

  4. Social Media and Copyright

  5. Social Media and Privacy

  6. Social Media and Defamation

  7. Social Media and Litigation

  8. Social Media and the Criminal Justice System

  9. Social Media Before and After Death.