Annotated Family Law Legislation, 5th edition (eBook)

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Annotated Family Law Legislation, 5th edition is an essential resource for students, practitioners and others practising in family law.

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Product description

The 5th edition of Annotated Family Law Legislation, is extracted from Australian Family Law 4 volume loose-leaf service, and provides comprehensive analysis and explanation of key family law legislation and relevant case law. Fully revised and updated by expert authors the 5th edition incorporates all recent changes in the legislation up to and including 1 May 2019 and is a handy reference for anyone studying or practising in the area of family law


  • Full text legislation
  • High quality annotations by expert authors
  • Ease of use and navigability through shaded tabs

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Table of contents

  • Publisher’s Note

  • Table of Cases

  • Table of Statutes

  • Family Law Act 1975

  • Family Law Rules 2004

  • Federal Circuit Court Rules 2001

  • Comparative Table of Rules

  • Index