Understanding Taxation Law 2019

Understanding Taxation Law 2019 is a comprehensive introduction to the Australian tax law system and an essential reference for business, accounting and Australian law students.

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Understanding Taxation Law 2019 is a mid- to high-level text catering to students undertaking compulsory tax law subjects as part of the accounting major in an undergraduate commerce degree as well as the Masters of Professional Accounting. With easy-to-understand treatment of all topics in core undergraduate units, as well as informed commentary by a team of expert authors, it is the ideal introduction to Australian tax for 2019.



• Suitable for tax and law students studying tax law as an elective
• Features to assist student learning provide a more accessible learning framework include: learning objectives, revision questions, activity problems, case summaries, working examples
• Published annually to support currency


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Table of contents

1. Introduction

2. Structure of the Acts and the Income Concept

3. Income According to Ordinary Concepts

4. The Derivation and Measurement of Income

5. Statutory Income

6. Capital Gains Tax

7. Fringe Benefits Tax

8. General Deductions

9. Specific Deductions

10. Capital Allowances

11. Trading Stock

12. Taxation of Companies

13. Taxation of Shareholders

14. Taxation of Partnerships

15. Taxation of Trusts

16. Tax Administration

17. Anti-Tax Avoidance Measures

18. International Aspects

19. Goods and Services Tax