LexisNexis Questions and Answers: Legal Practice and Ethics, 3rd edition (eBook)

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LexisNexis Questions and Answers: Legal Practice and Ethics, 3rd edition provides students with a clear and systematic approach to successfully tackling assessment questions on legal professional practice and ethics

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Product description

Each chapter of this useful book commences with a clear discussion of key principles and issues, including a summary of relevant cases and legislation for effective revision. Comparative tables of legislative provisions for each state and territory are included. Examples of written questions with fact scenarios follow, each with a suggested answer plan, sample answer and comments on how the answer might be viewed by an examiner.

Readers are provided with advice on common errors to avoid when answering questions and practical hints and tips on how to achieve higher marks.

The commentary and the questions and answers in the third edition have been fully revised to include current issues affecting lawyers. Recent case law is discussed and State and Territory rules and legislation have been updated to capture recent developments.


  • Clear and succinct coverage of all key issues
  • Legislation in all Australian jurisdictions discussed
  • Integrates both the regulatory and ethical aspects of the professional conduct regime
  • Includes questions with answer guide, model answer, examiners comments and common answers to avoid

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Table of contents

Ch 1 Ethics, Morality and the Legal Profession

Ch 2 Admission to Practice

Ch 3 Money Matters

Ch 4 Duties Owed to Clients

Ch 5 Duties of Lawyers to the Court

Ch 6 Duty of Lawyers to the Profession

Ch 7 Complaints and Discipline