Carter’s Breach of Contract, 2nd edition

Authoritative and comprehensive coverage of breach of contact and its consequences

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Carter’s Breach of Contract provides comprehensive guidance on the proof and consequences of breach, through detailed discussion and analysis of both English and Australian law. It is the leading text in the Commonwealth on the law of breach of contract, being regularly cited by the courts, including the High Court of Australia. The second edition is fully revised and updated to include key developments since the publication of the seminal first edition.



• Authoritative discussion
• Comprehensive guidance
• Extensive bibliography
• Detailed index


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Table of contents

Part I — Proof of Breach and Bases For a Right to Terminate


1. Introduction
2. Failure to Perform
3. Bases for a Right to Terminate


Part II — Breach of Contractual Terms


4. Types of Contractual Terms
5. Breach of Condition
6. Breach of Terms Other than Conditions


PART III — Repudiation and Anticipatory Breach


7. General Principles of Repudiation and Anticipatory Breach
8. Repudiation and Anticipatory Breach Based on Words or Conduct
9. Repudiation and Anticipatory Breach Based on an Inability to Perform


Part IV —Election


10. Exercise of the Right to Terminate
11. Continuation of Performance and Revival of the Right to Terminate


Part V — The Consequences of Termination


12. General Principles and Enforcement of Terms
13. Claims for Damages, Performance and Restitution