Financial Planning in Australia: Advice and Wealth Management, 8th Edition

An accessible and comprehensive financial planning text essential for business students and professionals

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Sharon Taylor and Roger Juchau’s Financial Planning in Australia - Advice and Wealth Management 8th edition is a leading text for Australian business students and professionals, providing a contemporary and technical view of the issues related to giving financial advice. The eighth edition includes a review of the current financial environment, updates on legislative changes and proposals as well as updates on rates applying to superannuation, taxation and social security. The book provides practical advice for emerging professionals and a comprehensive suite of online learning materials for students and lecturers. Financial Planning in Australia - Advice and Wealth Management is an essential resource for all future and practising financial planners and is prescribed by ASIC RG 146 compliance courses.


  • Engaging presentation of pedagogy
  • Accompanied by a wealth of online materials for lecturers and students
  • Content aligned with FPA curriculum for certified planners
  • Updated for currency

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Table of contents

Part 1 – Introduction: Setting the Scene

  1. The Financial Planning Environment

  2. Ethics and Compliance

  3. The Client-Adviser Relationship

  4. Constructing a Statement of Advice

Part 2 – Building Wealth

  1. Cash Flow and Budgeting

  2. Securing and Managing Credit

  3. Asset Allocation and Managing Risk

  4. Investing in Shares

  5. Investing in Fixed-Income Securities

  6. Investing in Property and Collectables

  7. Investing in Managed Funds

  8. Investing in Superannuation

Part 3 – Managing Wealth

  1. Taxation: An Overview for Financial Planners

  2. Tax Strategies

  3. Insurance – Life

  4. Insurance – Income Protection, Health and General

Part 4 – Using Your Wealth

  1. Superannuation and Retirement

  2. Social Security

  3. Estate Planning – Core Principles and Practice

  4. Keys to Successful Financial Planning