Law of Succession, 2nd edition (eBook)

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An authoritative commentary of Australian succession law focusing on theory behind relevant legal rules, counter-views and comparative analysis.

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Product description

Now in its second edition, Law of Succession is an authoritative commentary of Australian succession law. Written by experts in the field, the focus is on explaining the theory behind relevant legal rules as well as counter-views and comparative analysis. It takes a technical approach and is a valuable reference for practitioners dealing with practical succession issues.


  • Written by high profile authors
  • Authoritative Australian work
  • Detailed discussion of the practice and procedure of succession law

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Table of contents

Part I Wills and Intestacy

  1. Nature of a Will

  2. Mental Elements

  3. Statutory Wills

  4. Formal Elements

  5. Revocation and Amendment of Wills

  6. Republication and Revival of Wills

  7. Gifts by Will

  8. Construction of Wills

  9. Intestacy

Part II Personal Representatives

  1. The Office of Personal Representative

  2. Grants of Representation

  3. Duties of Personal Representatives

  4. Powers and Entitlements of Personal Representative

  5. Allocation and Distribution of Estate

Part III Family Provision

  1. Concept of Family Provision

  2. Eligibility to Apply for Family Provision

  3. Applications for Provision

  4. Particular Classes of Applicants

  5. Relevant Considerations in Making Order

  6. Family Provision Orders

Part IV Miscellaneous Matters

  1. A Statutory History of Wills in England and Australia

  2. Conflicts of Law in Succession

  3. Costs in Matters Involving Deceased Estates

  4. Lawyers’ Responsibility and Liability