Australian Personal Property Securities Law, 2nd edition (eBook)

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Australian Personal Property Securities Law, 2nd edition offers clear, concise commentary on the legislation and its implementation, implications and impact.

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AUD$ 122.00
Release Date: December 01, 2015
ISBN/ISSN: 9780409342659

Product description

A work of astonishing erudition … combining rigorous legal analysis with a deep understanding of secured transactions and of the economic rationale of personal property security… an indispensable vade mecum for those involved or interested in the subject.

-Sir Roy Goode

Emeritus Professor of Law, Oxford University

Australian Personal Property Securities Law offers clear, concise commentary on the legislation and its implementation, implications and impact.

This second edition has been updated to take into account the legislative and case law developments since the PPSA commenced operation on 30 January 2012, the most significant development being the recently completed Statutory Review Report. The Report made 349 recommendations for improving the statute and the register, and this new edition incorporates comprehensive references to the recommendations, along with critical analysis where appropriate.

Written by distinguished academics and international experts in the area, Australian Personal Property Securities Law provides analytical depth and expert policy interpretation, making this an invaluable resource for commercial practitioners and students, the courts, governments and the banking and finance industry.


• Clear, concise commentary
• Useful practical guide to registering on the PPSR.
• Accessible annotated statute reflecting latest case law developments in Australia, New Zealand and Canada

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction

  2. Personal Property and its Classifications

  3. The Scope of the Statute

  4. Attachment and Writing Requirements

  5. Perfection

  6. Registration

  7. The Default Priority Rules

  8. Purchase Money Security Interests

  9. Accessions, Commingled Goods and Crops

  10. Transfers of Collateral

  11. Proceeds

  12. Enforcement of Security Interests

  13. Insolvency Law and the PPSA

  14. Conflict of Laws

  15. Transitional Matters

  16. Aircraft Security Interests and Other International Developments