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A collaboration of key experts from around the globe representing nations with existing legal frameworks and nations in the midst of developing such regimes for the protection of Indigenous knowledge and culture.

The forum facilitated dialogue, discussion and an information exchange, bringing together government officials, decision makers, scholars, and especially Indigenous and local peoples’ representatives.

The forum highlighted concerns in Benefit Sharing and Informed Consent by Aboriginal peoples who hold traditional knowledge, and questioned the Common Heritage of Mankind concept which acts as a barrier to Indigenous management and control of Traditional Knowledge.

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Table of contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Indigenous knowledge: what are the issues?

Chapter 3: Australia and Indigenous knowledge

Chapter 4: Asserting cultural interests through the law: issues and innovations

Chapter 5: Reclaiming Indigenous knowledge in land and sea management

Chapter 6: Australian seed banks: moving toward seed and seed data collection practice in the context of Indigenous people, knowledge and tradition?

Chapter 7: A reconstructed metaphor for Aboriginal property rights and interests in Australia: the challenges in normalising Aboriginal ontology into Western concepts of knowledge and resources

Chapter 8: Collaborative partnerships for recognising and protecting traditional medicinal knowledge

Chapter 9: The protection of traditional knowledge of Indigenous peoples in Peru: challenges in the implementation of Law 27811

Chapter 10: Protection of traditional knowledge and biodiversity in India

Chapter 11: The problems of Muang Fai water management customary law in present-day Thailand

Chapter 12: Protecting Indigenous knowledge and culture: the African experience

Chapter 13: A comparison of the regimes for protecting traditional knowledge and biodiversity in Costa Rica and Ethiopia

Chapter 14: The uphill struggle to protect Indigenous traditional knowledge in settler states that value short-term private ownership: how is Canada doing?’

Chapter 15: The special protection of Traditional Chinese Medicine and its interface with patent protection in China

Chapter 16: Tikanga Maori: a traditional knowledge system

Chapter 17: Protection of Samoa’s traditional knowledge: summary of a review carried out by the Samoa Law Reform Commission