Quick Reference Card: Defamation Law

This Quick Reference Card provides practitioners (and students) with a concise summary of Defamation Law as it applies in Australia.

Commentary :A4, 6-page, laminated card
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Product description

Written by recognised area expert Patrick George (author of Defamation Law 2nd ed 2012 and Social Media and the Law 2014), the Quick Reference Card: Defamation Law covers the following topics:

  • The cause of action for defamation
  • Publication
  • Identification
  • Defamatory Meaning
  • Resolution without litigation
  • Procedure to trial
  • Defences
  • Truth
  • Qualified privilege
  • Honest opinion
  • Other defences
  • Damages


  • Concise summary of the most important principles of Defamation Law
  • Written by an acknowledged expert

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George, Defamation Law in Australia, 2nd ed, 2012
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