Quick Reference Card: Corporations Law - Directors’ Duties, 4th Edition

Quick Reference Card - Corporations Law: Directors’ Duties, 4th edition provides a concise summary of the key principles, legislation and cases relating to directors’ duties under Australian corporations law

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Quick Reference Card: Corporations Law - Directors' Duties, written by highly experienced law lecturers and LexisNexis authors, Margaret Hyland and Marina Nehme, clearly summarises directors’ duties under Australian corporations law, including the most important principles, legislation and cases.

This card covers the role of the board, definition of director, appointment of directors, removal/resignation of directors, to whom directors owe a duty, civil and criminal actions against directors for breach of duty, duty of care, duty to avoid conflict of interest, duty to act in good faith, duty to act for a proper purpose, duty to prevent insolvent trading, liability for breach of directors’ duties, relief from liability and statutory relief from liability.

This Quick Reference Card makes an ideal study aid both for classroom and exam use and is an excellent quick-reference tool for those working in corporations law.


  • Concise summary of the most important principles in the practice area
  • Overview of key legislation and case law
  • Quick easy and clear access to key principles
  • Portable
  • Durable laminated card
  • Great as a revision checklist
  • Perfect for exam use

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Table of contents

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Roles of the Board

Definition of Director

Appointment of Directors

Removal/Resignation of Directors

To Whom Directors Owe a Duty

Action Against Directors for Breach of Duty

Duty of Care

Duty to Avoid Conflict of Interest

Duty to Act in Good Faith

Duty to Act for a Proper Purpose

Duty to Prevent Insolvent Trading

Liability for Breach of Directors’ Duties

Relief from Liability

Statutory Relief from Liability