Quick Reference Card: Contract Law II, 3rd edition

Together with Carter, Quick Reference Card: Contract Law I, provides a concise summary of the key principles, legislation and cases relating to contract law in 6 laminated A4 pages designed to be folded into an easy-to-handle reference.

Commentary :A4, 6-page, laminated card
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Release Date: March 16, 2020
ISBN/ISSN: 9780409352184

Product description

Quick Reference Card: Contract Law II, written by Emeritus Professor John Carter, clearly yet authoritatively summarises important principles, cases and legislation relating to contract law in Australia. It is complemented by the companion Quick Reference Card Contract Law I to together cover all the major topics in this complex area.

This card includes vitiating factors, performance and breach of contract, discharge for breach, discharge by frustration, damages, recovery of sums fixed by the contract, restitution and specific performance and injunction. Its companion card Contract Law I covers the formation of contract, terms of the contract and consumer guarantees, construction of the contract, capacity to contract, privity of contract and illegality of contract.

The Quick Reference Card makes an ideal study aid both for classroom and exam use and is an excellent tool for practitioners needing a ready-reference on contract law in Australia. The laminated A4 pages are designed to be folded into an easy-to-handle reference.


  • Quick, easy and clear access to key principles
  • Written by the leading author
  • Simple propositional format
  • Covers common law and statute
  • Numbered propositions for all major topics
  • Key cases identified
  • Cross referenced to all Carter contract material
  • See at a glance the cases & statutes extracted in Cases and Materials on Contract Law in Australia
  • Divided into two cards for ease of reference - buy each as you need it or buy both together

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Table of contents


Relevant Vitiating Factors


Legislative Prohibition of Misleading or Deceptive Conduct



Undue Influence

Unconscionability and Unfair Contracts

Restrictions on Rescission

Performance of the Contract

Breach of Contract

Treatment of Discharge

Discharge by Agreement

Discharge under Express Provision

Discharge for Breach of Term

Discharge for Repudiation

Discharge for Breach of Time Stipulation

Restrictions on Discharge

Consequences of Discharge for Breach of Repudiation

Discharge by Frustration

Remedies in Contract Law


Particular Issues in Damages

Recovery of Sums Fixed by the Contract


Specific Performance