Professional Skills & Ethics, 3rd edition

Professional Skills and Ethics includes a collection material from recent LexisNexis publications on procedures and ethics.

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Product description

Professional Skills and Ethics is based on the course of the same name at Flinders University School of Law. It includes materials from recent LexisNexis publications on procedures and ethics together with additional chapters contributed by the editors.

This third edition aims to enable students to:

  • implement specific skills of interviewing, drafting, negotiation and advocacy; and
  • identify and categorise situations which require ethical decisions, and summarise and contrast viable options for appropriate conduct in response to such ethical situations.

This book is aimed at law students, practitioners and all those who are interested in issues of ethics and procedure relating to legal practice.


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Table of contents

1. The Legal Profession

- Regulation

- Standards

- Legal Ethics

- Interviewing

- Negotiation

- Pleadings

- Advocacy

2. Civil Procedure

3. Legal Skills

4. Alternative Dispute Resolution

5. Access to Justice & Lawyering as a Profession