Pro Bono Partnerships and Models – A Practical Guide to What Works , 2nd edition

What Works is the guide to developing successful partnerships for delivering pro bono legal services in Australia

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409344653

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For lawyers and firms offering pro bono assistance, and for community organisations seeking it, Pro Bono Partnerships and Models — a Practical Guide to What Works is the essential companion work to the Australian Pro Bono Manual.


Detailed case studies, testimonials and commentary on pro bono practice draw on a wealth of experience on:

  • the models of pro bono assistance,
  • how to build and strengthen relationships with pro bono partners,
  • the features of successful pro bono projects, and
  • common challenges and how to tackle them.

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Table of contents

Part 1 how to use this book

  1. What is in this book?

  2. Who will find this book useful?

Part 2 Themes arising from consultations

  1. Importance of relationships and communication

  2. Importance of developing a strong pro bono culture

  3. Where pro bono resources should be directed: greatest need versus achievable goals

  4. Size matters

  5. Innovation

Part 3 Understanding your potential partner

  1. Tips for planning and maintaining relationships

  2. Pro bono referral schemes and organisations

  3. Large law firms

  4. Small law firms

  5. Community legal centres

  6. Non-legal not-for-profit organisations and charities

  7. Barristers

  8. In-house/corporate lawyers

  9. Government lawyers

  10. Individual volunteers

  11. Law students

Part 4 Models of pro bono legal assistance

  1. Case referral

  2. Clinics

  3. Outreach

  4. Secondments

  5. Fellowships

  6. Co-counselling

  7. Secondary ‘consults’ or ‘phone a friend assistance’

  8. Technology-based services: telephone, video conferencing, online and mobile technology

  9. Law reform and policy work

  10. Assistance to non-legal not-for-profit organisations and charities

  11. Community legal education

  12. Non-legal assistance

  13. International pro bono