Practising Family Law, 4th edition

Clear practical guidance on conducting family law matters

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Release Date: September 01, 2019
ISBN/ISSN: 9780409350241

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The successful practice of family law requires mastery of a complex combination of skills and knowledge. This book closes the gap between theory and practice, providing clear guidance on how to conduct family law matters. Practical, step-by-step coverage is provided on the full range of essential skills and procedures required in the day-to-day practice of family law in Australia. It is an excellent resource for practitioners and aspiring family lawyers, and anyone wishing to consolidate their skills in this dynamic area of legal practice.

The fourth edition has been extensively updated and includes new chapters on Jurisdiction in Family Law Proceedings and Family Law Financial Proceedings and Spousal Maintenance.


  • Clear guidance supported by case studies, questions and further reading
  • Updated and expanded to include all key aspects of conducting a family law matter
  • Practical guidance complements theoretical family law texts
  • Authoritative reliable content

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Table of contents

  1. Taking Instructions and Giving Advice in Family Law Matters

  2. Jurisdiction in Family Law Proceedings

  3. Party–Party and Solicitor–Client Costs in Family Law Proceedings

  4. Negotiation and Primary Dispute Resolution in Family Law Matters

  5. Financial Agreements

  6. Drafting Orders in Family Law Matters

  7. The Procedural Hearing in a Family Law Court

  8. Parenting and Less Adversarial Trial (LAT) Proceedings’

  9. Conciliation and Case Assessment Conferences

  10. Drafting Affidavits in Family Law Matters

  11. Preparing for a Hearing in a Family Court

  12. Family Law in the Federal Circuit Court

  13. Family Law in Courts of Summary Jurisdiction

  14. Family Law Financial Proceedings and Spousal Maintenance

  15. Urgent Family Law Applications

  16. Non-Disclosure in Family Law Matters

  17. Evidence and Advocacy in Family Law

  18. The Unrepresented Litigant in Family Law

  19. Child Support

  20. De Facto Financial Proceedings Under the Family Law Act

  21. The Ethics of Family Law Practice