Personal Financial Services Essentials for Lawyers (eBook)

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A unique book providing practical guidance to lawyers when undertaking financial planning dealings of their clients.

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409345896

Product description

Financial planning is an area which is becoming increasingly relevant to the legal profession. Encompassing aspects of property transactions, taxation, superannuation, insurance, aged care and estate planning, it is essential that lawyers working in these fields have knowledge of the fundamental elements which underly financial planning.

Personal Financial Services Essentials for Lawyers is an essential reference providing practical guidance to lawyers on where to start when it comes to matters that may affect the financial planning dealings of their clients, and to assist lawyers to know when to seek input from a financial planner.

The text combines an explanation of the legal basis for many areas of financial planning, with information and examples on how these are applied by financial planning professionals for their clients.


  • Clear and easy to understand
  • Commentary from an expert in the field

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