Nemes & Coss’ Effective Legal Research, 7th edition

A current, comprehensive and informative approach to legal research

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Nemes & Coss’ Effective Legal Research, 7th edition is an indispensable guide to mastering the techniques and strategies that are vital for successful legal research and writing. The authors canvass a wide variety of electronic and print-based resources relevant to Australian law and provide worked examples based on contextual problems and pointers to potential dangers. Helpful illustrations, flowcharts and diagrams familiarise readers with the environment in which they will be undertaking research.

The seventh edition has been comprehensively updated to reflect current research methods and platforms, with a focus on electronic sources of legal information. It showcases many new enhancements and developments to legal research platforms, including the recently released Lexis Advance Pacific database and the new face of AustLII.

Citation information has been extended to assist researchers to produce clear, well-referenced writing conforming to the widely adopted Australian Guide to Legal Citation.


  • Ensures concepts are approachable, relevant and intelligible for first year law students
  • Ensures solid understanding of the referencing system students will use throughout their law studies and legal practice
  • Students encouraged to develop skills in addition to understanding theory
  • Written in conformity with the Australian Guide to Legal Citation
  • Aligns with TLO research outcomes

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction: The Essentials

  2. Citation and Effective Legal Writing

  3. Strategy and Technique

  4. Electronic Research

  5. Secondary Sources

  6. Legislation

  7. Case Law

  8. An International Perspective

Appendix – Legal Citation Quick Guide