Mooting: A Guide for Students, Coaches and Judges

Practical, insightful guidance on mooting skills and techniques for all moot participants.

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409357073
Release Date: October 10, 2022
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Release Date: October 11, 2022
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Product description

Written by authors with many years’ involvement as both moot coaches and judges in a range of domestic and international mooting competitions, this useful text discusses not only practical advocacy in mooting but also significant issues and aspects of mooting not generally addressed elsewhere. It considers the personal and human aspects that underpin positive mooting outcomes.

The authors offer practical assistance to all mooting participants — the students, coaches and judges — in order to make mooting an enjoyable educational, cultural and social experience.

Students undertaking mooting activities either in competitions or as an assessment activity within a unit of study will gain an understanding of specific skills and techniques of direct relevance, including valuable insights drawn from the authors’ long experience. Coaches are provided with a thorough understanding of their role and how to mount a campaign to undertake a moot. The role and duties of moot judges are discussed, including procedure, bench etiquette and the criteria for marking oral performances.


• Includes both practical advocacy issues and personal aspects of mooting
• Covers a range of mooting types
• Provides coaches with a thorough understanding of their roles
• Offers students declared techniques and skills that are not shared in other texts on mooting
• Written by authors highly experienced as moot coaches and judges in both domestic and international mooting competitions

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Table of contents

  • Ch 1. Prologues

  • Ch 2. A Mooting Culture?

  • Ch 3. Arbitration Moots

  • Ch 4. Mediation Competitions

  • Ch 5. Negotiation Competitions

  • Ch 6. The Basics of a Public International Law Based Moot

  • Ch 7. Statutory Appeal Tribunal Mooting

  • Ch 8. The Team Selection Process

  • Ch 9. Preparing a Team

  • Ch 10. Preparation for the Oral Rounds

  • Ch 11. The Role of the Coach

  • Ch 12. The Role of the Judge

  • Ch 13. Disappointment Does not Define Us

  • Ch 14. How to establish and run an international mooting competition

  • Ch 15. Conclusion