Mediation and Conciliation in Australia: Principles Process Practice

Comprehensive, authoritative coverage of the theory, principles and practice of mediation and conciliation

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409356267
Release Date: June 19, 2023
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Release Date: July 03, 2023
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This authoritative text addresses the key themes and issues that are essential knowledge for effective mediation and conciliation practice, including the underlying theories and values, mediation and conciliation procedures and the roles of participants and representatives, the modern practice of mediation and conciliation in Australia and internationally, and the laws that regulate aspects of the process. It also discusses quality, standards and accountability in DR processes and the future directions of practice.

It is essential reading for teachers and students of mediation or conciliation, those who practise in those fields, and judges, tribunal and commission members, lawyers and other officials involved in the many legal facets of mediation and conciliation practice. The wide-ranging topics include discussion on new regulatory requirements, practitioner standards, the role of technology and AI in mediation and conciliation and responses to recent social challenges. Relevant case law impacting areas of practice is extensively covered.


• Provides key information to support mediation practice
• Ensures up-to-date understanding of practice issues
• Authoritative authors
• Aligns with mediation standards supporting the accreditation process

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Table of contents

  • Principles

  • Chapter 1: Understanding Mediation and Conciliation

  • Chapter 2: Norms and Objectives in Mediation and Conciliation

  • Chapter 3: Mediation and Conciliation in Perspective

  • Process

  • Chapter 4: Dispute Resolution Procedures

  • Chapter 5: Roles and Functions in Mediation and Conciliation

  • Chapter 6: DR Knowledge Bases

  • Chapter 7: Technology and Dispute Resolution

  • Practice

  • Chapter 8: Mediation and Conciliation in Practice

  • Chapter 9: Mediation and Conciliation in Courts and Tribunals

  • Chapter 10: Standards, Accreditation and Liability

  • Chapter 11: Legal Issues in Mediation and Conciliation

  • Chapter 12: Reflections, Expectations in DR