Marketing and the Law, 6th edition (eBook)

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Marketing and the Law, 6th edition is an accessible introduction to the law relating to marketing goods and services

eBook :ePub
AUD$ 155.00
Release Date: December 16, 2019
ISBN/ISSN: 9780409350685

Product description

This text is designed to enable those in business, lawyers, and students to ascertain and understand the key legal principles that apply to the marketing of goods and services. Drawn from a broad range of areas of law, aspects of marketing covered include the manufacture, packaging, labelling, promotion, distribution, and retailing of goods and services. The discussion includes numerous case examples, diagrams and flowcharts to support learning.

The sixth edition has been fully revised, with many recent case law and statutory amendments, including:

  • changes to the CCA following the implementation of the Harper Report
  • amendments to CCA s 46 relating to misuse of market power
  • changes arising from the Australian Consumer Law Review
  • updated penalty information including alignment of ACL and CCA penalties
  • impact of ACL s 18 on search engine optimisation
  • changes to country of origin product labelling requirements
  • changes to the duration of copyright protection
  • new provisions dealing with online copyright infringement
  • decisions in Ultra Tune and Geowash (Franchising Code good faith obligation and other Code and ACL breaches)

Book Review - Law Society of South Australia | June 2020


  • Clear guidance on all aspects of marketing law
  • Includes plentiful case examples, tables, flow charts & diagrams
  • Organised to follow the progress of products from concept to market
  • Supported by resources for lecturer use

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction to the Law and Marketing

  2. Protecting Inventive Ideas

  3. Protecting Commercial Secrets

  4. Protecting Copyright Material

  5. Protecting Commercial Designs

  6. Passing Off and Unfair Trading

  7. Registration of Trade Marks

  8. Product Packaging and Labelling

  9. Product Liability

  10. Advertising

  11. Selling Techniques

  12. Introduction to Competition Law

  13. Collusive Conduct

  14. Misuse of Market Power

  15. Mergers

  16. Resale Price Maintenance

  17. Exclusive Dealing

  18. Franchising

  19. e-Marketing and e-Commerce