Marine Resources Management

Comprehensive multidisciplinary analysis of Australia's marine resource management challenges.

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409327441
Release Date: December 01, 2010
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Release Date: December 01, 2010
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Product description

Comprehensive multidisciplinary analysis of Australia's marine resource management challenges

Australia's marine resources are now worth more than the gross value of all Australian agricultural production. Their multifaceted nature, and the human use of them, present increasing challenges for marine resource managers in Australia. Written by recognised Australian experts, Marine Resources Management provides a comprehensive, coherent and synthesised analysis of the overlapping and intersecting marine resource challenges faced by Australia.
Its multidisciplinary approach addresses the increasingly complicated task of determining and implementing appropriate marine management arrangements for Australia's varied marine resources.

The clear and accessible style of this unique edited work makes it invaluable for decision-makers, students in the field and the numerous industries which are active in the marine environment.

Features and Benefits

Multidisciplinary analysis of the entire range of marine resource management issues makes this a comprehensive resource and reference book
Succinct, accessible discussion in edited, thematically structured chapters ensure the text is suitable for practitioners, students, academics, and an excellent reference point for those working in private enterprise or public sector management
Illustrations show international zones and Australian domestic law zones with the location of boundaries and zones identified
Contains the framework of both International and Australian law to clarify the scope of rights and obligations for conduct of all marine activities in the various legal zones
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Table of contents

  1. Girt by Sea: The challenge of managing Australia's marine resources - Warwick Gullett, Clive Schofield, Joanna Vince 

  2. The Australian margin: Ocean and coastal processes - Colin D Woodroffe 

  3. Australia's marine jurisdictions under international and domestic law -Warwick Gullett, Gregory Rose 

  4. Defining the limits and boundaries of maritime Australia - Clive Schofield 

  5. Australia's marine resources - Robin Warner 

  6. Managing Australia's oceans through the Oceans Policy Process - Joanna Vince 

  7. Ecologically sustainable development in marine areas: Environment, economics and people - Neil Lazarow, Stephen Dovers 

  8. Integrated coastal zone management and planning - Timothy Smith et al. 

  9. Shipping and the marine environment in Australia - Craig Forrest

  10. Security and defence in Australia's marine domain - Stuart Kaye 

  11. Australian marine resource and environmental policy and politics - Marcus Haward 

  12. The double-edged sword of Australia's whaling policy - Julia Jabour 

  13. Australian marine protected areas: Charting a course towards a representative system - Lorne Kriwoken 

  14. The rise of eco-labelling in marine resource governance - Tavis Potts 

  15. Economics in fisheries management - Alistair McIlgorm 

  16. Exploring marine resources for new pharmaceutical applications - Danielle Skropeta 

  17. Stakeholder involvement and interplay in coastal zone management and marine protected area planning -Geoff Wescott, James Fitzsimons

  18. Indigenous peoples, marine protected areas and ecologically sustainable development - Melissa Nursey-Bray

  19. The management of recreational fisheries - Daryl McPhee 

  20. Coastal and marine ecotourism operations in Australia - Karen Elizabeth McNamara, Ross Westoby 

  21. Balancing Australia's rights and obligations to protect the marine environment: The Torres Strait Particularly Sensitive Sea Area - Julian Roberts 

  22. The Port Phillip Bay Channel Deepening Project and environmental law: A model for ecologically sustainable development? - Brad Jessup 

  23. The use of technology in securing marine resources in Australia - Mary Ann Palma, Lowell Bautista 

  24. Enforcing Australia's laws against illegal foreign fishers - Rachel Baird 

  25. Advance maritime Australia: Opportunities and challenges in the future management of Australia's marine resources - Warwick Gullett, Clive Schofield, Joanna Vince