LNAA: Annotated National Credit Code, 5th edition

The Annotated National Credit Code has a reputation as the essential guide to consumer credit regulation in Australia. It is an invaluable reference for all involved in Australian consumer financial services.

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409336160
Release Date: September 01, 2014
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This book is written in plain English and is a user friendly practical guide for business, regulators, external dispute resolution schemes, consultants, compliance officers, credit agencies, consumer advocates and lawyers alike. It is not designed to be simply a 'legal' text.

This fifth edition of the Annotated National Credit Code is a comprehensive update to the fourth edition. This book highlights the Code’s key features, with practical guidance on its interpretation and application. It includes an overview of the ASIC licensing system, the responsible lending requirements, the responsibilities placed upon credit providers, including credit enforcement issues and the penalty regime for breaches. It also includes an analysis of the new regimes for small amount credit contracts, reverse mortgages, consumer leases and the revised financial hardship regime.

The Annotated National Credit Code is an essential handbook for anyone who works with consumer credit in Australia. This includes responsible managers of Australian credit licence holders, lawyers and in-house counsel, compliance officers, auditors, product development, sale and marketing personnel in the financial services industry, credit and enforcement officers, consumer advocates and consumer representatives seeking to understand the National Credit Code’s (Code) requirements.

The work includes subsection-level annotations to the legislation, detailed amendment histories and comparative tables, and practical guidance as to the impact of recent legislation reforms. The commentary covers all types of consumer credit – including all forms of consumer credit contracts, home loans, residential investment loans, credit cards, consumer leases and point of sale finance. It covers the life of a credit contract or consumer lease, from initial marketing through to enforcement and financial hardship. It also discusses all key requirements of the national credit regime, such as responsible lending and additional disclosure requirements, such as key facts sheets.

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Table of contents


Overview of the National Consumer Credit Protection Act

Overview of the National Credit Code

Table of Cases

Table of Statutes

National Credit Code

Comparative table

Table of Provisions

Legislative history

Part 1 – Preliminary

Part 2- Credit contracts

Part 3 – Related mortgages and guarantees

Part 4 – Changes to obligations under credit contracts, mortgages and guarantees

Part 5 – Ending and enforcing credit contracts, mortgages and guarantees

Part 6 – Penalties for defaults of credit providers

Part 7 – Related sale contracts

Part 8 – Related insurance contracts

Part 9 – Advertising and related conduct

Part 10- Comparison rates

Part 11- Consumer leases

Part 12 – Miscellaneous

Part 13 – Principal definitions

Part 14 – Miscellaneous provisions relating to interpretation

National Consumer Credit Protection Regulations 2010

Table of provisions

Legislative history