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Release Date: July 01, 2018
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LexisNexis Study Guide Constitutional Law, 3rd Edition is designed to assist students in learning the foundations for effective, systematic exam preparation and revision.

Each chapter clearly identifies and explains the pertinent and often difficult topics within constitutional law. The most important and recent cases are summarised to consolidate practical understanding of the theoretical concepts.

This third edition is fully updated with recent developments including the decisions in McCloy v NSW, Brown v Tasmania, and Re Canavan, and features a new chapter on ‘Citizens, Democracy and the Legislature’. Significant recent issues discussed include the parliamentary eligibility ‘citizenship crisis’ and Uluru Statement from the Heart.


  • Includes key cases and commentary
  • Short, concise paragraphs, tables, bullet-pointed summaries and examples to illustrate theory in practice
  • Simplifies revision and exam study
  • Assists students to understand and retain key principles
  • Compact and portable
  • Great for open book exams

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Table of contents

  1. Constitutional Law in Context

  2. Constitutional Theory

  3. Indigenous People and Constitutional Law

  4. Citizens, Democracy and the Legislature

  5. Legislative Power and Federation

  6. Executive Power

  7. Judicial Power

  8. State Constitutions

  9. The Commerce and Corporations Powers

  10. External Affairs and International Law

  11. Rights and Restrictions

  12. Amendment and Reform