LexisNexis Questions and Answers - Constitutional Law, 4th edition

LexisNexis Questions and Answers - Constitutional Law, 4th ed provides an understanding of constitutional law and gives a clear and systematic approach to tackling questions and giving the right answer during exams.

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409339185
Release Date: July 01, 2015
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Release Date: July 01, 2015
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Each chapter commences with a summary of key issues. The question is followed by an answer plan, a sample answer and examiner’s comments. Readers are also alerted to potential errors in answering the questions in the ‘common errors to avoid section. A feature of this book is a separate chapter of hypothetical fact situations that incorporate multiple constitutional issues in a single problem question.

Questions cover a comprehensive range of topics within the constitutional law curriculum.


  • Summary of Key Issues; Questions with answer guide, model answers, examiners' comments and common errors to avoid.

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Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to the Commonwealth Constitution

Chapter 2. Constitutional Concepts

Chapter 3. The High Court and Judicial Review

Chapter 4. Commonwealth Executive

Chapter 5. Commonwealth Parliament

Chapter 6. Taxation and Grants Powers

Chapter 7. Duties of Excise

Chapter 8. Trade and Commerce Power

Chapter 9. Freedom of Trade and Commerce

Chapter 10. Corporations Power

Chapter 11. External Affairs Power

Chapter 12. Defence Power

Chapter 13. Inconsistency of Laws

Chapter 14. Intergovernmental Immunities

Chapter 15. Individual Rights and the Constitution

Chapter 16. Implied Rights

Chapter 17. Revision Problems