LexisNexis Questions and Answers: Civil Procedure, 2nd edition

A clear and systematic approach for success with civil procedure assignments and exams

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409351538
Release Date: June 30, 2020
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Release Date: June 30, 2020
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LexisNexis Questions and Answers: Civil Procedure is designed to facilitate both continuous review and preparation for examinations. It provides an understanding of civil procedure and gives a clear and systematic approach to analysing and answering problem and exam questions. Each chapter commences with a summary of the relevant law and key issues. A suggested answer plan, a sample answer and comments on how the answer might be assessed by an examiner are provided for each question. The authors also offer advice on common errors to avoid when answering the problems.

In this second edition, the authors present the rules relating to civil procedure in a way that develops an academically rigorous understanding of this complex area of legal practice and enhances the reader’s ability to apply this knowledge in real world client-based situations. The commentary has been updated throughout with reference to recent decisions and includes expanded examination of the procedural rules and processes in the Federal Court jurisdiction.


  • Summary of key issues in each chapter
  • Questions with answer guide, suggested answer, examiners comments and common errors to avoid
  • Helps students revise key areas before attempting problem questions
  • Assists students with effective exam study preparation
  • Enables students to practise applying their knowledge to hypothetical problems

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Table of contents

Ch 1. Instituting Proceedings

Ch 2. Parties and Causes of Actions

Ch 3. Pleadings

Ch 4. Summary Disposal and Discontinuance

Ch 5. Interlocutory Stages

Ch 6. Alternative Dispute Resolution

Ch 7. Trial

Ch 8. Costs

Ch 9. Appeals and Enforcement