LexisNexis Guide Series: Legislation and Statutory Interpretation, 4th edition (eBook)

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LexisNexis Guide Series: Legislation and Statutory Interpretation, 4th edition is a clear and accessible guide to understanding legislation and the rules of statutory interpretation. It is an invaluable resource for anyone studying the legislative process and the interpretation of legislation in Australia.

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Product description

This book is an invaluable resource for anyone studying or teaching legislation and statutory interpretation in Australia. It provides clear and informative discussion on:

  • the relevance of legislation and statutory interpretation
  • legislation as a primary source of law
  • the format of legislation
  • the legislative process
  • the courts' approach to interpretation (including interpretation in context, the purposive approach, extrinsic evidence, common law presumptions and the effect of interpretation)
  • answering problem questions
  • how to research legislation

The fourth edition of this popular book has been completely revised to include:

  • summaries of recent cases
  • new and updated legislative examples
  • increased coverage of the Australian courts' approach to statutory interpretation
  • greater focus on the importance of statutory interpretation in teaching
  • new legislative examples
  • guidance on researching legislation and applying the principles of statutory interpretation online chapter summaries
  • expanded cross-references to Pearce and Geddes, Statutory Interpretation in Australia, 8th edition, 2014 for further reading
  • improved navigability and chapter design


  • Clear accessible explanations ensure concepts are clearly understood
  • Includes examples, questions and excerpts from relevant legislation to consolidate learning
  • Supported by large range of online lecturer materials

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