LexisNexis Concise Australian Legal Dictionary, 5th edition (cased edition)

An indispensable reference work containing over 10,000 terms in 100 subject areas reviewed, updated and expanded by a large team of  legal experts from across Australia.

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The LexisNexis Concise Australian Legal Dictionary features succinct plain English definitions, supported by judicial and legislative authority, to provide a key point of reference for practitioners, students and the general reader. The scope, relevance and currency of the terms defined ensure that this work remains the most accurate, authoritative and popular legal dictionary in Australia.


  • Over 10,000 terms in 100 subject areas
  • Extensive coverage in core legal areas
  • Concise plain English definitions
  • Contributions selected, reviewed and edited by Australian legal experts
  • Legislative and judicial authority supports key definitions
  • Extensive cross-referencing for easy navigation to related terms
  • Phonetic pronunciation of Latin terms
  • Seven appendices of useful information, including the Commonwealth Constitution

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