LexisNexis Annotated Acts: Annotated Bankruptcy Act 1966, 6th edition (eBook)

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Annotated Bankruptcy Act 1966, 6th edition is a comprehensive work which includes all recent legislation changes, together with comprehensive updated annotations. With a section based structure this work enables simple and quick accessibility to the law of bankruptcy.

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Product description

This new edition of Annotated Bankruptcy Act 1966 contains important legislative modifications to bankruptcy law, together with comprehensive updated annotations by author Paul Nichols.

Annotated Bankruptcy Act 1966, 6th edition is an invaluable resource tool that provides comprehensive analysis and explanation of the provisions and the relevant case laws. Its section-based structure revised index and updated table of cases provide the reader with simple and quick access to the law.

Annotated Bankruptcy Act 1966 is an essential guide for practitioners, government officials and business professionals.

The material in this 6th edition of Annotated Bankruptcy Act 1966 is extracted from the four-volume looseleaf service, Practice and Procedure — High Court and Federal Court of Australia, LexisNexis.


  • Full text of the Bankruptcy forms
  • Concise annotations to the legislation and detailed commentary
  • Enhanced ease of use and navigability through shaded tabs  

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Table of contents

  • Bankruptcy Act 1966

  • Bankruptcy (Estate Charges) Act 1997

  • Bankruptcy (Registration Charges) Act 1977

  • Bankruptcy Regulations 1996

  • Federal Court (Bankruptcy) Rules 2005

  • Bankruptcy Forms

  • Costs and Fees

  • Index