Lawyering and Positive Professional Identities, 2nd edition

Lawyering and Positive Professional Identities is an essential guide to positive lawyering knowledge, skills and practice

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409350487
Release Date: November 01, 2019
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Release Date: November 01, 2019
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Product description

Lawyering and Positive Professional Identities is designed to help law students successfully navigate the demands of law studies and legal practice through the development of positive professional legal identities. It focuses on the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for law students to be motivated and engaged learners, and psychologically healthy individuals.

Positive lawyering knowledge and practice are central themes, with a particular emphasis on lawyers’ roles as upholders of the rule of law, as dispute resolvers and as ethical professionals. The diverse range of topics includes lawyering, dispute resolution, ethics, resilience and self-management, addressing the threshold learning outcomes for the Australian law curriculum. Throughout, the authors provide practical, experience-based advice on the development of core skills for legal education and practice.

The second edition of this book has been fully revised and offers a refreshed take on the themes of the original edition, reflecting the dynamic and fluid nature of legal education and practice. This book is an essential companion for law students wishing to establish a strong foundation for a successful legal career in the contemporary legal profession.


  • Introduces students to positive ways of lawyering
  • Develops essential skills including critical thinking, communications skills and reflective practice
  • Provides a context for professional practice and ethical behaviour
  • Fosters students’ emergent sense of a positive professional legal identity
  • Equips students with the capacity to self-manage their study and professional practice on graduation

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Table of contents

  1. A Positive Professional Identity for Lawyers

  2. What Lawyers Need to Know and be Able to Do

  3. Happiness, Hope and Optimism

  4. Lawyers as Reflective Professionals

  5. Lawyers as Life-Long and Independent Learners

  6. Lawyers as Ethical Decision-Makers

  7. Lawyers as Ethical Professionals

  8. Lawyers as Thinkers

  9. Lawyers as Resilient Professionals

  10. The Psychology of Legal Practice

  11. Lawyers as Upholders of the Rule of Law

  12. Lawyers as Managers and Resolvers of Conflicts and Disputes

  13. Lawyers as Advocates

  14. Alternative Dispute Resolution

  15. Innovative Legal Practices