Law of Costs, 4th edition (eBook)

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Law of Costs provides a comprehensive overview of the Australian law of costs in both the lawyer-client and the party-party context. It addresses all Australian jurisdictions (State and Federal), as well as costs in criminal matters, through the relevant statutes, court rules and case law.

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Product description

Law of Costs, 4th Edition brings together in one place the legislation, court rules and case law pertaining to the practice of the law of costs in Australia in both the lawyer-client and the party-party context. Accessible and comprehensive, Law of Costs addresses all Australian jurisdictions (state and Federal) and makes reference to the corresponding laws in the UK, Canda and New Zealand.

Written by esteemed author Professor Gino Dal Pont, Law of Costs examines the law that has developed surrounding how a solicitor or barrister should quantify and handle their own costs. It is a fundamental reference text which includes coverage of appropriate client fees, security for costs, solicitors’ liens, litigation funders and cost agreements.


  • Highly esteemed author
  • Essential reference for all practitioners
  • Multi-jurisdictional

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Table of contents

1. Prologue

Part I – Costs Between Lawyer and Own Client

2. Retainer and Costs Disclosure

3. Costs Agreements

4. Restrictions of the Recovery of Lawyer-Client Costs

5. Assessment of Lawyer and Own Client Bills

Part II – Costs Between Party and Party

6. Jurisdiction and Discretion to Order Costs

7. The Costs Indemnity Rule

8. Ouster of General Rule that Costs Follow the Event

9. Public Interest and Test Case Litigation

10. Costs out of a Fund

11. Costs of Multiple Parties

12. Cost Sanctions for Proceedings in Wrong Court

13. Costs Consequences of Rejected Settlement Offers

14. Timing of Costs Order

Part III – Quantification of Party and Party Costs

15. Nature of Party-Party Costs Quantification

16. Bases of Costs Quantification

17. Allowances on Costs Quantifications Between Party and Party

18. Procedure Relating to Costs Quantification

19. Interest on Party and Party Costs

Part IV – Costs in Appeals

20. Appeals

21. Suitors’ and Appeal Costs Funds Legislation

Part V – Non-Party Costs Orders

22. Costs Orders and Non-Parties

23. Costs Orders Against Lawyers

Part VI – Costs in Criminal Cases

24. Costs in Criminal Cases

25. Costs in Criminal Cases Legislation

Part VII – Securing Costs Entitlements

26. The Retaining Lien

27. The Particular Lien

28. Nature of Security for Costs Order

29. Discretion to Order Security for Costs