Law in Commerce, 6th edition

Law in Commerce 6th edition is an easily accessible text for business students. It includes coverage of the most important areas of business and commercial law including contracts, consumer law, trusts and company law.

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409342857
Release Date: October 01, 2016
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Product description

Law in Commerce is an easily accessible text for business law students. The sixth edition has been updated to include major developments in business law, including new cases on Australian Consumer Law.

Each chapter begins with a short scenario to ‘set the scene’. Other features to assist learning include flow charts, diagrams, discussions of key points, case summaries and margin definitions. Additional online material includes a student webquiz, links to cases, news, updates and flashcards. Extensive lecturer support is also available.


  • ‘Setting the scene’ vignettes at the start of each chapter to place the law into real life examples
  • Dynamic design to encourage student engagement
  • Learning support to assist lecturers with class preparation: solutions for assessment, PowerPoint slides, multiple choice questions, short question and answers.

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction – Law and The Australian Legal System

  2. Liability for Defective Products

  3. Misrepresentation and Unconscionable Conduct - Upholding the basic norms of Commercial Misconduct

  4. Making the Contract - Offer and Acceptance

  5. Making the Contract — Intention and Consideration

  6. Express Terms of the Contract

  7. Implied Terms in Contracts

  8. Remedies in Contract Cases

  9. Consumers’ Rights and the Supply of Goods and Services

  10. Agency

  11. Partnerships

  12. Introduction to Company Law

  13. Duties of Company Directors and Other Officers

  14. Introduction to Trusts