Interpretation of Testamentary Documents

Interpretation of Testamentary Documents is a practical and essential reference for practitioners in this dynamic field of estates law

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Product description

Interpretation of Testamentary Documents is a practical and accessible guide for legal practitioners on matters where the testator’s intention is not made clear. With uncertainty possibly infecting the property the subject of succession, the persons who may take that property, or the shares to be taken by those persons, this text provides an invaluable resource for practitioners requiring guidance on these matters.


  • Essential reference for all practitioners engaged in estates law
  • Clear and practical guide
  • Multi-jurisdictional
  • Highly esteemed author

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Table of contents

Part I Principles

1. Nature of Testamentary Interpretation

2. Approaching the Process of Interpretation

3. Rules of Interpretation (‘Construction’)

Part II Property

4. Scope of Testamentary Property

5. Identifying Testamentary Property

6. Interpreting Terms Relating to Property

Part III Persons

7. Interpreting Gifts to Persons by Description

8. Class gifts

Part IV Portions

9. Legacies

10. Gifts of Income

11. Conditional Testamentary Gifts

12. Shared Testamentary Gifts

13. Absolute and Limited Interests

14. Vested and Contingent Testamentary Gifts

15. Testamentary Options

16. Personal Representatives’ Powers

17. Residuary Gifts

18. Failure of Gift