International Law: Current Concepts and Future Directions

International Law: Current Concepts and Future Directions is a scholarly, comprehensive and coherent study of contemporary international law.

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Release Date: October 01, 2013
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International Law: Current Concepts and Future Directions is a scholarly, comprehensive and coherent study of contemporary international law. It identifies and describes existing international legal principles, norms, and standards and applies them to certain recent world events in order to test their operation, adequacy, consistency, and effectiveness in providing a stable and just world order.

The book presents international law through the prism of the plural world composed of diverse stakeholders and argues that modern international law can no longer be contained within a single value-laden identity if the asymmetric rights and opportunities of the most and the least powerful states and people are to be addressed.

International Law: Current Concepts and Future Directions examines the collaborative transformation of international law as a means to render it more universal and less Eurocentric in character and identity. The author articulates the transitional complexion of such changes and charts the new directions in which international law could and should evolve in this century and beyond.

The blend of both theoretical and applied aspects of international law and its positioning in the growing horizon of internationalism makes this book an informative, engaging and stimulating text for students, academics, public officials and practitioners of international law and its related disciplines.

• Covers traditional concepts and new and emerging ideas in international law
• Critically examines existing principles and bases of international law to reveal their strengths and weaknesses
• Highlights the experience of both developed and developing states
• Provides a rich source of recent examples to illustrate concepts and the need for ongoing development


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Table of contents

Chapter 1: International law in contemporary context

Chapter 2: Genesis and development of international law

Chapter 3: Modern international law-making process

Chapter 4: International law and national law: Interactions and intersections

Chapter 5: Subjecthood, personality and their shifting frontiers

Chapter 6: Statehood and recognition

Chapter 7: Sovereignty and sovereign responsibility of state

Chapter 8: Prohibited use of force in international relations

Chapter 9: Permissible use of force as self-defence

Chapter 10: Humanitarian intervention and responsibility to protect

Chapter 11: International law of treaty

Chapter 12: Sovereign and diplomatic immunities

Chapter 13: International law of the sea

Chapter 14: International dispute settlement and the ICJ

Chapter 15: The International Criminal Court

Chapter 16: International human rights law

Chapter 17: International environmental law

Chapter 18: International economic law

Chapter 19: International security law of terrorism and counter-terrorism

Chapter 20: Conclusion: International law in transition