International and Australian Commercial Arbitration

Authoritative, analytical and comprehensive coverage of commercial arbitration law and practice

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Release Date: December 13, 2021
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Product description

Commercial arbitration has grown exponentially in recent years. A strong understanding of both its law and practice is essential for effective engagement with modern commercial matters.

International and Australian Commercial Arbitration provides comprehensive and detailed analysis of the law and practice of commercial arbitration. The authors offer a unique insight into the judicial role in arbitration, and trace the meaning and application of the benchmark global commercial arbitration law — the UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration. The perspective taken is both international and comparative, incorporating discussion of key arbitral rulesets, and legislative and case developments in other leading arbitral jurisdictions, including those in the Asia-Pacific and the United Kingdom. Key ‘soft law’ instruments that lead arbitral practice are also considered in context, ranging from publications by the International Bar Association on the taking of evidence, to International Chamber of Commerce publications on efficiency and expedition in arbitral proceedings.

The authoritative discussion and critical analysis of pertinent legislation, rules, case law and other related materials make this an indispensable resource for commercial arbitrators, legal practitioners, researchers and students.

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• Authoritative authors
• Comprehensive coverage
• Discussion of succinct extracts from primary and secondary sources

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Table of contents

  • Ch 1. Nature of arbitration and its historical development

  • Ch 2. Australian approach to arbitration

  • Ch 3. The arbitration agreement

  • Ch 4. Constituting the arbitral tribunal

  • Ch 5. Jurisdiction and applicable law

  • Ch 6. Establishing arbitral proceedings

  • Ch 7. Conducting arbitral proceedings

  • Ch 8. The award

  • Ch 9. Interim measures of protection and preliminary orders

  • Ch 10. Recourse against awards

  • Ch 11. Recognition and enforcement

  • Appendix