Intellectual Property: Cases, Materials and Commentary, 7th edition

Comprehensive, authoritative discussion with relevant key extracts

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409358384
Release Date: April 28, 2024
AUD$ 189.00

Product description

Extensively updated in its seventh edition, Intellectual Property: Cases, Materials and Commentary is a comprehensive casebook that allows the reader to gain an in-depth understanding of all aspects of Australian intellectual property law. The book contains extracts from key cases, legislative materials, and other pertinent secondary sources, together with accompanying commentary and analysis, and questions are posed for further individual and class discussion. Issues of policy are also examined and discussed throughout the text, linking the various materials and presenting them in a meaningful context.


• Combination of commentary, case extracts and secondary sources makes content clearly accessible
• Detailed notes help the reader understand the significance of the cases and other material
• Further reading provides a springboard for research and deeper learning
• Questions throughout challenge the reader and provide a deeper analysis

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Table of contents

  • Part 1 - Justifications and Preliminaries

  • Ch 1. The Concept of Intellectual Property

  • Ch 2. The Protection of Confidential Information

  • Part 2 - Copyright and Related Rights

  • Ch 3. Copyright: Origins, Rationale and Basic Principles

  • Ch 4. Framework of Copyright Protection: Connecting Factors, Subject matter, Term of Protection

  • Ch 5. Exclusive Rights and Their Infringement

  • Ch 6. Third Parties and Protection of Rights Holders

  • Ch 7. Ownership and Exploitation of Copyright

  • Ch 8. International Copyright Arrangements and New Developments

  • Ch 9. Industrial Designs and Artistic Works

  • Part 3 - Patents for Inventions and Allied Rights

  • Ch 10. The Australian Patent System

  • Ch 11. Patentable Subject Matter

  • Ch 12. Patent Validity

  • Ch 13. Ownership and Infringement of Patents

  • Part 4 - Trade Marks and Commercial Indications

  • Ch 14. Passing Off and Related Actions

  • Ch 15. Registered Trade Marks: Origins and Rationale

  • Ch 16. Registration of Trade Marks

  • Ch 17. Rights Given by Trade Mark Registration

  • Appendix - Sample patent specification