Horsley’s Meetings: Procedure, Law and Practice, 7th edition

Horsley's Meetings: Procedure, Law and Practice is the most comprehensive guide to meeting procedure in Australia. It offers a complete in-depth guide to both the law and practice of meetings.

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Each chapter contains an authoritative exposition and analysis of the relevant cases and legislation, followed by helpful guidelines, checklists and suggestions for the conduct of meetings. The book examines the law and practice of meetings of bodies generally, as well as the specific requirements of the Corporations Act applying to companies.

Originally written by Mervyn Horsley and based on his extensive experience as Secretary of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries for 20 years, the 7th edition has been revised and updated by A D Lang, Barrister, with a foreword by the Hon Justice Bromberg.


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Table of contents

  1. The Nature of Meetings

  2. The Secretary

  3. The Agenda

  4. Notice of Meetings

  5. Quorum

  6. The Chair

  7. Conduct of Meetings

  8. Defamation

  9. Points of Order

  10. Motions and Amendments

  11. Resolutions and Recessions

  12. Procedural Motions

  13. Adjournment

  14. Voting

  15. Polls

  16. Proxies

  17. Elections and Ballots

  18. Minutes

  19. Committees

  20. Companies - Introduction

  21. Companies - General Meetings

  22. Companies - Directors' Meetings

  23. Companies - Creditors' Meetings

  24. Companies - Australian Securities Exchange

(ASX) Listing Rules

Appendix I - Summary of the formal motions designed to bring a meeting to an end

Appendix II - Summary of the formal motions designed to bring a meeting to an adjournment Index