Hayes & Eburn, Criminal Law and Procedure in New South Wales, 5th edition

Essential criminal law resource for students and practitioners in New South Wales.

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409343762
Release Date: October 01, 2016
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Product description

Hayes & Eburn Criminal Law and Procedure in New South Wales states the basic principles and provides the fundamental source material required for a study of New South Wales criminal law and procedure. It examines the substantive law in a procedural and evidentiary context.

This book is specifically designed to meet the needs of students who will be studying criminal law over one semester. The text covers all the learning requirements prescribed in the Legal Profession Admission Rules 2005 (NSW). It gives students the thorough grounding they need in the basic principles of the criminal justice system before moving to the detail of their application in an expanding range of discrete contexts. It also provides practitioners with an introduction to the principal authorities and statutory provisions governing the practice of criminal law in New South Wales.

While this book remains unique for its strong focus on the jurisprudence of the New South Wales criminal courts, the principles explored in it will also assist in understanding the criminal law of all Australian jurisdictions.

A special feature of the book continues to be the provision of explanatory flowcharts, aimed at introducing the reader to the framework of general principles, before proceeding to an examination of the principles in detail. The book also provides a series of examples and problems suitable for discussion in lectures, tutorials and students’ study groups.


  • Flowcharts Introduce the reader to the framework of general principles before proceeding with further examination of the principles in detail
  • End of chapter examples and problems assist student understanding

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Table of contents

  1. General principles

  2. Murder

  3. Voluntary manslaughter

  4. Involuntary manslaughter

  5. Non-fatal offences against the person

  6. Sexual offences

  7. Stealing and other property offences

  8. Insanity, voluntariness, automatism and intoxication

  9. Duress, necessity and self-defence

  10. Attempt, conspiracy and complicity

  11. Criminal procedure and evidence — Part 1 Investigation, arrest and bail

  12. Criminal Procedure and Evidence — Part 2 Trial, admissions, sentence and appeal