Hanks Australian Constitutional Law Materials and Commentary, 10th edition (eBook)

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An essential resource for students and practitioners, Hanks Australian Constitutional Law is the authoritative casebook for the study of constitutional law.

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Product description

This book considers the concepts underlying our Constitution and explores constitutional decision-making in context. It reviews all of the important constitutional decisions of the High Court of Australia, and exposes the issues that arise in those decisions to a critical analysis. The book covers all major areas of study in both constitutional law and public law.

Updates for this edition include the two Williams cases in which the High Court reworked the executive power of the Commonwealth to contract and spend; recent cases developing the Kable principles and considering the validity of State laws against Chapter III implications; important recent cases on the implied freedom of political communication; recent cases on s 92 of the Constitution dealing with internet trade and commerce.


  • Highly respected authors
  • Covers all major areas of study in constitutional and public law
  • Most up-to-date Constitutional Law casebook
  • Authoritative teaching source

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Table of contents

  1. An Introduction to Australian Constitutional Law

  2. Commonwealth Legislative Powers

  3. Federalism: the Legal Relations

  4. Federalism: the Fiscal Relations

  5. The Parliaments and Legislative Procedures

  6. The Executive

  7. The Australian Judicial System

  8. Rights and Freedoms