Focus: Land Law, 5th edition

Focus: Land Law is a clear and accessible introduction to the principles of Australian land law.

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409348538
Release Date: August 12, 2020
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Release Date: August 12, 2020
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Product description

Focus: Land Law provides a concise yet comprehensive introduction to the principles of land law in Australia. The book is designed to develop greater understanding of land law by identifying and explaining the key areas of study using a straightforward, structured approach and written in plain English. Referencing cases and legislation in all states and territories, book covers basic land law concepts, successive interests, concurrent interests, leases and licence, native title, the Torrens system and encumbrances under the Torrens system. The fifth edition has been extensively revised and includes new chapters on real property transactions and the Australian Consumer Law and Strata and Community titles. Sample problems and guided answers in each chapter are designed to test knowledge by reference to hypothetical scenarios calling for legal analysis.


• Ensures a thorough understanding of all relevant concepts
• Student-friendly approach to property law
• Similarities and differences between jurisdictions can be easily understood

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Table of contents

Part 1 Concepts

1. Property

2. Land and Tenure

3. Possessory Title and Adverse Possession

4. Native Title

5. Acquisition and Transfer of Proprietary Interests in Land

6. Real Property transaction and the Australian Consumer Law

Part 2 Successive Interests

7. Estates

8. Future Interests

9. Perpetuities

Part 3 Concurrent Interests

10. Legal and Equitable Interests

11. Co-ownership 1

12. Co-ownership 2

Part 4 The Torrens System

13. The Torrens System and Indefeasibility

14. Exceptions to Indefeasibility

15. Remedies

16. Priorities and Caveats

17. Strata and community titles

Part 5 Leases and Licences

18. Leases 1: The Nature of Leases, Terminology and Essential Characteristics

19. Leases 2: Covenants in Leases

20. Leases 3: Determination of Leases

21. Easements, Profits and Rentcharges

22. Mortgages 1: General Principles and the Rights of the Mortgagor

23. Mortgages 2: The Rights of the Mortgagee

24. Restrictive Covenants