Federal and Victorian Regulators – A Practical Guide (ebook)

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The first of its kind, this new title canvasses the powers and duties of prominent Victorian and federal regulatory bodies and the entities they investigate.

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409343151

Product description

Federal and Victorian Regulators – A Practical Guide is the only publication in its field to provide comprehensive yet accessible information on the investigative powers and duties of key federal and state regulators in Victoria. It also details the corresponding rights and responsibilities of the corporate bodies and individuals subject to investigation by regulators.

In the current volatile commercial environment, the text provides a ready reference guide for practitioners and offers insightful commentary on both legal and practical issues essential to assisting clients with regulatory compliance.

Designed for optimal efficiency, it is divided into three easy to read parts:

  • Part A – Federal regulators
  • Part B – Victorian regulators
  • Part C – Practical issues

Authoritative and up to date, Federal and Victorian Regulators – A Practical Guide has received endorsement from the Association of Corporate Counsel Australia. It is an indispensible resource for practitioners of commercial law.


  • Specifically designed to enable speedy and accurate legal advice
  • Quick reference to the current law and interpretation of particular provisions
  • Comprehensive and accessible information on practices of key Victorian and federal regulators
  • Explores practical issues confronting practitioners of commercial law

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Table of contents

Part A – Federal Regulators

Part B – State Regulators

Part C – Practical Issues

a. Human Rights and the Regulator

b. Improperly or illegally obtained evidence

c. Information – gathering powers

d. Legal professional privilege

e. Self-incrimination