Family Law and Bankruptcy

A comprehensive guide designed to unpack the complex intersection between family law and bankruptcy

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409359893
Release Date: March 01, 2024
AUD$ 165.00

Product description

Family Law and Bankruptcy is a comprehensive guide designed to unpack the intersection between family law and bankruptcy. This book is a must have for practitioners in who practice in the areas of family law and bankruptcy, as well as for insolvency practitioners who want to understand this often-complex intersection.


• A unique, accessible and comprehensive guide to the intersection of bankruptcy and family law matters
• Authored by a leading practitioner in the area
• Update to date commentary on cases and legislation

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• Chisholm, Kearney & Barnett, Annotated Family Law Legislation, 7th edition, 2023
• Murray & Nichols, Annotated Bankruptcy Act 1966, 9th ed, 2022


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Table of contents

  • Chapter 1 – Introduction

  • Chapter 2 – State of Law Prior to 2005 Amendments

  • Chapter 3 – Critical Amendments to the Bankruptcy Act and Family Law Act

  • Chapter 4 – Jurisdiction and Transfer

  • Chapter 5 – Consequences of Bankruptcy

  • Chapter 6 – Proceedings under the Bankruptcy Act

  • Chapter 7 – Property Settlement Proceedings: General

  • Chapter 8 – Property Settlement Proceedings: Alteration of Property Interests

  • Chapter 9 – Property Settlement Proceedings: Setting Aside or Varying Property Adjustment Orders

  • Chapter 10 – Spousal Maintenance

  • Chapter 11 – Financial Agreements

  • Chapter 12 – Transactions to Defeat Claims under the Family Law Act

  • Chapter 13 – Child Support

  • Chapter 14 – Additional Matters Arising under the Family Law Act and FCFCOA Family Law Rules