Ethical Legal Practice and Professional Conduct

Ethical Legal Practice and Professional Conduct is an engaging introduction to ethical thinking and behaviour and their application in legal practice

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409348590
Release Date: May 01, 2019
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Release Date: May 01, 2019
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Product description

Ethical Legal Practice and Professional Conduct is designed to develop an understanding of the core principles and issues specific to ethical legal practice in the modern world, to and equip readers with a mindset to conduct their professional behaviour in an ethical way.

The first section of the book provides a context for ethical thinking and behaviour. It covers the foundation stones of legal ethics theory upon which ethical legal practice can be built. The remainder of the book places that ethical framework into the legal professional context.

Written expressly for students in all Australian jurisdictions, the book presents concepts succinctly and accessibly, allowing readers to grasp the essence, both theoretical and practical, of developing an ethical professional mindset. In addition to explanatory commentary, it includes plentiful additional resources to provide clarity and guidance. These include exercises, discussion questions, extensive reading lists and appendices of relevant information.


  • Succinct and accessible explanations of complex concepts
  • Contextualises ethics theory to provide relevance to students
  • Demonstrates relevance of ethical thinking to legal practice
  • Includes key cases, exercises, discussion questions and extensive further reading

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Table of contents

Ch 1. Law as a Profession

Ch 2. Theories of Law: Legal Positivism and Natural Law

Ch 3. Theories of Ethics: Duty, Consequence, Character and Care

Ch 4. Admission to Practice

Ch 5. Codes of Conduct: Regulation and Professional Rules

Ch 6. Confidentiality

Ch 7. Conflicts of Interest

Ch 8. Fairness and Candour

Ch 9. Discipline

Ch 10. Supervision, Mentoring and Leadership in Practice

Ch 11. 21st Century Challenges